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Have you ever thought about getting out of the rat race, packing your bags and running away to live on a Greek Island? That's what Jane and I did. This web site is all about our adventures on the Sporadic island of Alonissos.

If you are interested in our drop out summer you can read excerpts from my daily diary, see how we scraped a living, hear of our hunt for accommodation and read about the people we met, by pressing the enter button

But before you do that ... read on! Yes it's finally happened!! After 25 years of trying I have, at last, made my music available to the world....well, in theory anyway.
Ever heard of Well they have given old stagers like me the opportunity to get my music out there for the people. As you all are the only people likely to give a damn I thought I'd let you know about it.
Click HERE and have the chance to hear a track (not the best on the albumn I have to say) and read the blurb. Clicking will open a new browser so you can still remain in this site when you close music site.
At 42 years old I am quite excited that at least if any one should care, I can now say where they can get hold of my music. Good old internet.
NOW you can click to get to Greece ...

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