Technology professional with a range of business solution delivery for a diversity of companies spanning nearly 30 years. Speciality field is publishing and publishing systems. Has a well-rounded career-long engagement in all aspects of business technology and the delivery of technical solutions appropriate for business leadership goals. A seasoned mix of hands-on operations/development and group management. Experienced in tiered support and coping with the unexpected, I'm flexible in terms of day-to-day management, a good communicator and am organisationally savvy. 

I'm currently contracting work in several areas: small business infrastructure maintenance, database conversion, hardware installation fieldwork, social platform information distribution and performing feasibility studies for a couple of converging media publishing opportunities.

A naturalized US Citizen living in New England, I'm looking for contract or full time work in Great Britain and the USA in any interesting technology environments where I can help a business identify and resolve technology problems, and balance enthusiastic innovation with operational stability.